Erik the Viking

Erik The Viking

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Erik the Viking is a 1989 British comedy-fantasy film, written and directed by Terry Jones, based on the story of the same name. The film features an ensemble cast including Tim Robbins, John Cleese, Mickey Rooney, and Eartha Kitt, among others. The story follows Erik, a Viking who becomes disenchanted with the violent ways of his people and sets out on a journey to find a way to end the bloodshed.

Julian Doyle served as the Second Unit Director for the film, responsible for overseeing the filming of key action scenes and secondary footage. His contributions helped bring the film’s magical world to life, capturing the enchanting scenery and dynamic action sequences that are integral to the story. Doyle’s extensive experience in film production, particularly in the area of special effects, was essential to the film’s success.

With its charming script, lovable characters, and stunning visuals, Erik the Viking remains a cult classic that showcases the imaginative storytelling and comedic genius of Terry Jones. Julian Doyle’s work as the Second Unit Director was crucial to the film’s success, helping to ensure that every detail was captured and making it a must-watch for fans of the Monty Python style of humor and epic adventures.

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Julian Doyle Filmography

Filmmaker Julian Doyle has worked on some of the UK’s most cherished movies, including being a long-time collaborator on the films of Monty Python and Terry Gilliam. He has also written and directed a number of well-received films and music videos.