The True Christians

HERETICS: The True Christians

by Julian Doyle

In the year 385 AD, Priscillian, the Bishop of Avila became the first Christian killed by other Christians for heresy. He was soon followed by hundreds of thousands of Christian Gnostics and Cathars who were burnt together with their Holy books.

Every dreadful torture was used to force these devout Christians to recant their beliefs before they were roasted alive. But many went to the flames refusing to accept the torturers’ version of Christianity.

But it is the torturers’ version that is accepted today with little thought given to the heretics and their beliefs. As history is written by the victors, this book investigates the beliefs of the vanquished and therefore upsets the accepted wisdom.

It explores the seven heresies to test their veracity, starting with the two main ones: firstly that Jesus was a prophet and teacher but not the Son of God. And, secondly, the heretics’ ‘Denial of the Cross’.

The Academic world has ignored these beliefs and there has not been a proper investigation into the ‘Denial of the Cross’ but just an acceptance that, if Jesus existed, he died by crucifixion at the hands of Pontius Pilate.

Using every known disgusting torture known to man, this story was forced onto the world while it is simple to prove it is a total invention if one cares to investigate the beliefs of the heretics.

They may have been stripped of their clothes, their limbs broken or pulled out of their joints on the rack: their genitals roasted; their thumbs screwed out; their teeth extracted; and they may have finally burnt to death over a slow fire but everyone searching for the truth must give time to consider the beliefs that they lived and died for.

Heretics: The true Christians, by Julian Doyle

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Described by Python Terry Jones as “an original polymath”, Julian is a leading expert on Christian history and mythology. His books include The Monumental Secret of the Crucifixion, The Assassination of Mary Magdalene, Heretics: The True Christians, The Gospel According to Monty Python, and his latest work, historical mystery thriller The Jericho Manuscript.