The Gospel According to Monty Python

The Gospel According to Monty Python

by Julian Doyle

Who was the real Brian? Who was the real Jesus? Who was the real Bishop of Southwark? Did the Romans build the Jerusalem Aqueduct? Were the Magi really wise? Was Brian’s father Nortius Maximus and were the Peoples Front of Judea, splitters? All the crucial issues this book dares to confront.

With a foreword by Terry Jones, Julian Doyle, the editor of Monty Python’s Life of Brian, analyses the movie and compareseach scene of the film with the actual Biblical events and comes to some extraordinary conclusions.

“Great Stuff. Lots of blasphemies!” – Terry Gilliam

“A mischievous journey of discovery.” – Terry Jones

“My lawyers will be in touch soon.” –  Michael Palin


The Gospel According To Monty Python, by Julian Doyle

Julian Doyle Books

Described by Python Terry Jones as “an original polymath”, Julian is a leading expert on Christian history and mythology. His books include The Monumental Secret of the Crucifixion, The Assassination of Mary Magdalene, Heretics: The True Christians, The Gospel According to Monty Python, and his latest work, historical mystery thriller The Jericho Manuscript.