The Monumental Secret of the Crucifixion

The Monumental Secret of the Crucifixion

by Julian Doyle

Throughout the history of Christianity there have been those claiming a monumental secret. These claims are often centered around the Church of St. Sulpice in Paris and associated with French esoteric circles and those associated with them, such as composer Claude Debussy, who wrote in a review:

“Perhaps it’s to destroy that scandalous legend that Jesus Christ died on the cross.”

But even Canon Alfred Lilley came back from St. Sulpice questioning the crucifixion. There must have been some documentation in the church that convinced these people of something portentous. BUT now searching links between the history of Rome and the latest Biblical research, we finally reveal the extraordinary facts that prove exactly what the monumental secret was and its validity making the revaluation of Christianity, as we knew it, inevitable.

The Monumental Secret of the Crucifixion, by Julian Doyle

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Described by Python Terry Jones as “an original polymath”, Julian is a leading expert on Christian history and mythology. His books include The Monumental Secret of the Crucifixion, The Assassination of Mary Magdalene, Heretics: The True Christians, The Gospel According to Monty Python, and his latest work, historical mystery thriller The Jericho Manuscript.