Julian Doyle Music Videos

Kate Bush - Cloudbusting

Kate Bush’s Cloudbusting is a mesmerizing song that explores themes of nostalgia, loss, and the longing for a better future, set to a beautiful and haunting melody. The music video, directed by Julian Doyle, is a stunning visual representation of the song’s hauntingly beautiful lyrics. The video tells the true story of Wilhelm Reich, a controversial psychoanalyst who believed in harnessing the power of orgone energy to control the weather. The video’s striking imagery and captivating storytelling perfectly complement the song’s emotional depth and make for a truly unforgettable viewing experience. Cloudbusting is widely regarded as one of the most iconic music videos of all time and is a testament to Julian Doyle’s creativity and talent as a director.

Iron Maiden - Can I play With Madness

Iron Maiden’s Can I Play with Madness is a classic heavy metal track that tells the story of a man driven to madness by his obsession with the supernatural and the occult. Featuring powerful guitar riffs and Bruce Dickinson’s signature vocals, the song is an intense and energetic masterpiece that has become a fan-favourite since its release in 1988.

The music video, directed by Julian Doyle, features Monty Python star Graham Chapman as an irritable art teacher in one of his last appearances prior to his death in 1989. Set at Tintern Abbey and Chislehurst Caves, the video provides a thrilling and intense visual journey that perfectly captures the song’s raw energy and dark themes. The video’s use of powerful imagery and striking special effects conjures an immersive and haunting atmosphere, perfectly complementing the song’s driving guitar riffs and Bruce Dickinson’s full-throttle vocals. Can I Play with Madness is a classic heavy metal anthem and the video is a testament to Julian Doyle’s ability to bring music of all genres to life through striking and captivating visuals


Fish - A Gentleman's Excuse Me

The music video for A Gentleman’s Excuse Me, directed by Julian Doyle, is a beautifully crafted visual accompaniment to Fish’s emotional and introspective ballad. The video features Fish in various locations, including a train station and a picturesque countryside, as he sings about the struggles of love and relationships. The video’s stunning cinematography and use of natural scenery perfectly capture the song’s poignant lyrics and Fish’s soulful vocals. A Gentleman’s Excuse Me is a timeless classic in the world of progressive rock, and the video is a testament to Julian Doyle’s ability to create intimate and emotionally powerful visual narratives.

Julian Doyle Filmography

Filmmaker Julian Doyle has worked on some of the UK’s most cherished movies, including being a long-time collaborator on the films of Monty Python and Terry Gilliam. He has also written and directed a number of well-received films and music videos.