Chemical Wedding

Chemical Wedding: The First Science Faction Novel

by Julian Doyle & Bruce Dickinson

A joint scientific venture brings a ‘state of the art’ INTERACTIVE SUIT from Cal Tech in California to Cambridge University to be linked up to the Z93: the biggest super-cooled, super-conductive computer in the world.

Dr. Victor Neuman, the main programmer for the Z93, is also an obsessive follower of the turn-of-the-century occult leader, Aleister Crowley. He has reduced Crowley’s occult information to a series of equations and is entering them into the Z93.

Dr. Neuman realises that the Reality suit is the ideal vehicle to perform a union between his computer programme and the human brain. His accomplice, Dr. Oliver Haddo, a classics lecturer, enters the suit to perform this union. Unfortunately the suit is also programmed by its US inventor, Dr. Joshua Mathers, to integrate the chaos equation. After a few moments in the suit, Haddo collapses to the floor as the computer generates both occult and chaos information. In panic Dr. Neuman runs to release Haddo only to find him on the edge of death. Suddenly Haddo grabs Neuman and wrestles him to the floor.

Haddo has changed. The experience has caused him to believe he is a reincarnation of Crowley. He lives out Crowley’s wildest dreams till Neuman and his associates begin to believe that maybe he is the real Crowley.

To consolidate his form, Haddo plans to perform Crowley’s most powerful rite, ‘The Chemical Wedding’ – the generation of Choronzon, the power that represents the sum total of negative energy from the abyss. To perform this rite, requires his blood union with representations of the Biblical Beast of Revelations and the scarlet whore of Babylon.

Dr. Mathers realises Haddo is using Lia, a red-haired student, as his ‘scarlet woman’. To save her, he dons the Interactive suit to confront Crowley’s magic with the modern magic of science.

The conflict between aged magic and modern science is classical but its outcome is astounding. A triumph for Einstein’s theory of relativity but strangely a confounding confirmation of the opposing Schrodinger’s Cat thought experiment.

Chemical Wedding (The Book) by Julian Doyle and Bruce Dickinson.

Julian Doyle Books

Described by Python Terry Jones as “an original polymath”, Julian is a leading expert on Christian history and mythology. His books include The Monumental Secret of the Crucifixion, The Assassination of Mary Magdalene, Heretics: The True Christians, The Gospel According to Monty Python, and his latest work, historical mystery thriller The Jericho Manuscript.